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English Studies

English Studies

English Studies covers important areas of language and composition as part of its concern with developing critical and communicative skills, and extends its interest in expressive modes into translation and creative writing. Both the material and the skills taught in English Studies have proved themselves extremely adaptable: apart from excelling in the field of English Studies itself, students have gone on to careers that include education, the media, law, public administration, and management.

Courses on offer: Undergraduate

Post Graduate courses:

Renaissance and Cultural Politics; Romanticism & Revolt; The Victorian Age in Fiction; Modern and Postmodern Texts ; Mediating South African Identities ; South African Literature and Landscape; Special Topics: Literary & Cultural Studies; Gender and Writing; Creative Writing; Autobiography and Identity; Critical Theory and Research Methodology; Narrative & Critique; Writing across Worlds; Countercultures ; and Research Paper: English Studies

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