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The School of Arts offers two majors

Bridging Major

This is a version of the mother-tongue major for students whose mother tongue/home language is IsiZulu or another Nguni language, or for students who are fully fluent in IsiZulu or another Nguni language, but who have not done IsiZulu as a school subject for Grade 12. It is effectively for mother-tongue IsiZulu speakers who have been schooled at the old ‘Model C’ primary schools, and for speakers of other languages who have grown up in close proximity to IsiZulu speakers. The bridging major differs from the mother-tongue major only at Level 100.

IsiZulu (Mother-Tongue)

This major is for students who enter at Level 100 with a Grade 12 pass in IsiZulu, or Nguni, (first language) and/or with IsiZulu or another Nguni language as mother tongue or home language.

IsiZulu (Non-Mother Tongue) Language Studies

This major is for students whose mother tongue is not IsiZulu or another Nguni language, and who do not have IsiZulu (first language) as a Grade 12 subject.

Courses offered in Postgraduate Studies:

Teaching IsiZulu as an Additional Language; Comparative African
Literature; IsiZulu Heritage and Culture; Introduction to Lexicography
in IsiZulu; Translation and Interpreting; IsiZulu Terminography and
Editing; Contemporary IsiZulu Literature; Theories of Orality & the
Zulu Tradition; Onomastics; Research Paper: IsiZulu; Language Planning;
Eco-Tourism; IsiZulu Phonology, Morphology & Syntax;  Linking
Linguistics with Lexicography; Dissertation in IsiZulu; Research
Article: IsiZulu; Short Dissertation: IsiZulu; Doctoral Thesis: IsiZulu

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