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Centre for Visual Arts Instæruption Exhibit at KZNSA Gallery

The CVA Instæruption Exhibit at the KZNSA Gallery.
The CVA Instæruption Exhibit at the KZNSA Gallery.

The CVA Instæruption exhibit was a cross between site-specific installation, collaborative work and a creative eruption that seek to interrupt the traditional relationships between viewer, work and space.

Student Ms Anda Dodo’s work was titled Shards – a ceramic installation which explores landscape, containment, and personal and shared memories.

‘The individual shards represent not only layers of the earth but layers of memories that are susceptible to change with every recollection. Like traumatic memories, the shards represent a sense of wreckage and fragility,’ she explained.

This was emphasised by the arrangement of the shards to support each other. ‘The removal of one piece easily disrupts the entire installation, the same way a missing detail about a memory can recreate and misinterpret how the events occurred.’

The installation is also about bare landscapes, which are a recurring feature in Dodo’s work as she finds the space to be places of contemplation. Also, a significant feature of this installation is the representation of a stream which runs down the middle. For Dodo, this expresses the washing away of unwanted memories and a sense of cleanliness.

Student Ms May Okafor’s work is an investigation into issues that surround transitions and transformations of the self through ritual performance. ‘With the focus on circumcision, my KZNSA exhibition piece looks into body mutilations enacted as part of self-transformations through initiation rituals,’ said Okafor. ‘More broadly, my work also explores ways that the ceramic process can lend itself to creative transitions of the self,’ she said.

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