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Digital Arts Student Shortlisted in Yogi Sip Competition

Mr Zico Mthethwa.
Mr Zico Mthethwa.

Digital Arts honours student Mr Zico Mthethwa is among finalists in the Yogi Sip Young Creators Network competition after being selected from more than 600 hopefuls throughout South Africa who submitted their best work.

The 15 finalists are in line to be the one chosen to design Yogi Sip’s packaging for 2021 and to receive a cash prize of R20 000.

Well aware that working on a project involving a well-known brand could open doors for him and strengthen his portfolio, Mthethwa says just being in the top 15 makes him feel a winner already as the venture will expose him and the design work he creates to a much wider audience.

‘I am hoping to get exposure as an upcoming designer and to get my name known in South Africa as an artist who creates work that Yogi Sip SA finds more than worthy to put on its packaging,’ he said.

Mthethwa’s interest in art grew as a child when he began to recreate the cartoon characters from some of the TV shows he watched growing up. In Grade 3, he began tracing these characters, with special attention given to Dragon Ball Z’s lead character, Goku. ‘I recall how my mum bought me brown covers for my books and this friend at school had the latest cartoon covers of Yu-Gi-Oh! I borrowed them and spent the week drawing my own cover which made my books really standout.’

Mthethwa, who says he is looking forward to gaining financial freedom and creating higher quality work without any limitations, has just completed his latest work, Jika (2020). ‘I wanted to express the energy, diversity, and the freedom the generation of today has. We can all party together no matter our sexual orientations, colour and beliefs!’

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