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Honours study explores the role of Print Media in marketing

Ms Germaine Cecil.
Ms Germaine Cecil.
Ms Germaine Cecil.

‘It was interesting for me to delve into the field in which I’ve been working for almost six years. It helped me to understand the industry a bit better and the information sourced was beneficial to where I am career wise. Part of my honours was coursework and I had the privilege of being lectured on video production by my dad, Jasper, who works for UKZN,’ said Cecil.

Her findings revealed that, while there has been a spike in electronic advertising in digital media which has taken the marketing world by storm, print media remains relevant.

‘It is still as important as it was when it first emerged in marketing stores. Print media created the foundation for digital media. Though many may question its relevance, retail solutions always call for print media as … [a] primary source of marketing,’ said Cecil. ‘It draws, captivates and holds the attention of its consumers within and without the retail space. Its reach is worldwide and goes beyond language, race, age and culture; it has evolved over the ages to keep current with the trends but does not lose its authenticity along the way.’

She anticipates that her research findings will be useful to Point of Sale advertising, marketing and the print media industry.

Cecil is grateful for the support she received from family and friends. Her advice to other researchers is: ‘The topic chosen should be a passion of yours as it will help when you need to find the motivation to immerse yourself in your research. It sometimes seems like a daunting task when you initially look at it; however, there is a great reward in knowing that you’ve managed to contribute to your field.’

Cecil plans on pursuing her Masters and growing in her current role in a print procurement company.

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