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Humanities Student hosts Unravel Podcast

UKZN student Ms Nokuthula Khwela who hosts a popular podcast.
UKZN student Ms Nokuthula Khwela who hosts a popular podcast.

Drama and Media studies student Ms Nokuthula Khwela hosts her own podcast titled Unravel on Spotify and Captive FM aimed at addressing societal challenges she feels are constantly swept under the carpet. 

After just over two weeks, her podcast content boasts more than 2000 downloads with topics covered including prostitution, feminism, lobola, ‘cheating’, pornography and money.

Speaking about the creation of Unravel, Khwela said: ‘I used to update my social media statuses on experiences which cultivated my character while also sharing my observations on humans in society. I was literally unravelling these ideas and the response I got from friends on Facebook inspired and motivated me to create a platform where people can address every day human struggles in our society.’

Armed with her podcast concept, Khwela collaborated with Mr Elijah Mahlangu, a psychologist and researcher on masculinity and romantic relationships.

‘This podcast is particularly relevant to young adults as it not only serves as an information awareness tool for people but gets them to think critically about the topics on hand,’ said Khwela. ‘This in turn helps change mind-sets and facilitates much needed change in society. The podcast also brings healing.’

She has various projects in the pipeline.

Listen to Unravel with Nokuthula Khwela at:

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