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Music Student Launches New Venture and Performs Solo

UKZN Music student Ms Nosihe Zulu.
UKZN Music student Ms Nosihe Zulu.
UKZN Music student Ms Nosihe Zulu.
UKZN Music student Ms Nosihe Zulu.

The venture, titled #uncutexclusives, features Zulu performing and recording unreleased music at intimate concerts throughout South Africa, during which she shares life experiences with social media followers.

Zulu says she launched #uncutexclusives because she felt a deep need to show her uncut, unedited, unfiltered journey through music. ‘In a world that is filtered and curated, it became more and more important for me to find a way to communicate a message that life is messy but beautiful. The platform is designed to foster connection through song and the feelings that come with it,’ she said.

Growing up in a home filled with music, Zulu’s interest in singing began in her formative years and she excelled in school choirs. After being chosen to join the Pietermartizburg Children’s Choir while in primary school, her musical aspirations continued throughout her high school years and she won various accolades.

A highlight of her career so far has been finishing eighth in the singing competition Idols South Africa in 2016.

Zulu is passionate about making her mark in the music world. Although still studying, she spends a lot of time performing in and around South Africa with her band.

Last year she featured on the recording of When it’s Over, with other internationally acclaimed artists and producers.

#uncutexclusives can be accessed via

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