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Rising Music Star graduates with BA degree

Mr Bongani Ndimande
Mr Bongani Ndimande
Mr Bongani Ndimande
Mr Bongani Ndimande

‘My music gives me so much sense of direction in life. I know where I want to go. It speaks to me before it touches other people. I have always been true to myself and my craft. I see music as an escape for a lot of people and I aim to entertain the masses through the energy I have been blessed with by God,’ he said.

For Ndimande, attaining his degree was tough, liberating and enjoyable. ‘My course required me to work very closely with other individuals and the challenges I faced deal with classism and having to find myself in a space where you are already defined,’ he explained.

Ndimande considers establishing life-long friendships and meeting new and amazing people as the best part of his undergraduate years.

He thanked his family, friends and especially his mother Professor Nobuhle Hlongwa (Dean and Head of the School of Arts) for their support and encouragement. ‘I thank them for everything. I am where I am today, looking at life [from] a cultured perspective because they never gave up on me.’

Ndimande plans to study music and dance and focus on his company, Transcendence Records.

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