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Riveting Film Drama Closes 43rd Durban International Film Festival

Scenes from You’re My Favourite Place
Scenes from You’re My Favourite Place

The Centre for Creative Arts (CCA) within the College of Humanities recently hosted a successful closing night of the 43rd Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) at Suncoast CineCentre, Durban North, with the movie You’re My Favourite Place.

This is the fifth feature film directed by acclaimed and prolific South African director, Jahmil X.T. Qubeka. It centres around a young girl played by Tumie Ngumla from the roughest part of East London whose life has never been the same since the death of her sister, Anathi. On the last day of their high school careers, Tumie and three friends embark on a life-defining road trip by stealing a taxi and heading to the remote landmark of Hole in the Wall, where Xhosa legend has it you can talk to the dead.

The film is a vastly different canvas from Qubeka’s previous work, and the director refers to it as a merging of his past struggle to come to terms with self in a viciously unfair society with the struggles facing young black bodies in South Africa today.‘Through the lens of this feature film, I returned to my home town to examine the reality of youth fighting to redefine themselves amidst the flux of our current dispensation,’ said Qubeka, who is honoured to return to DIFF to premiere his latest work. ‘DIFF will always remain my first home as a filmmaker. A refuge for the artistic voices of cinema in South Africa and on the continent. DIFF is a space that truly embodies the celebration of South African film.’

The film’s producer, Ms Layla Swart added: ‘It’s a huge honour to close the Durban International Film Festival as this festival has been an intrinsic part of our journey.’

CCA Director, Dr Ismail Mahomed thanked festival partners, funders and staff for their support while also paying homage to its creators. ‘This has been an inspiring week of films and it has encouraged us to look to grow the festival and take it to greater heights.’

Festival Manager, Ms Valma Pfaff added: ‘The festival celebrates the artistry, hard work and diligence of the filmmakers who give us something to marvel and ponder during these deepest darkest times.’

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