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UKZN Drama Students Create Covid-19 Educational Video

Performance Studies students showing off their Covid-19 video.
Performance Studies students showing off their Covid-19 video.

Drama and Performance Studies students have produced an informative and entertaining video about the Covid-19 virus that can be viewed on YouTube. 

The 3 and a half minute video provides important information on how to guard against contracting the virus such as washing your hands for 20 seconds and sneezing or coughing into the crook of your elbow.

The six students involved – Mr Tshepang Sehlabaka, Ms Simamkele Sukanazo, Ms Samkelisiwe Ndimande, Ms Vukile Cebo Ngwenya, Mr Ayanda Jali and Ms Nompumelelo Moyo – devised a catchy song and dance routine for the video.

Lecturers Dr Miranda Young-Jahangeer and Ms Ongezwa Mbhele, who approached the honours students to conceptualise a performance on Covid-19, initiated this educational performance piece.

‘We wanted the students to use popular forms of theatre to convey information about the virus and what precautionary measures the public should be taking,’ said Mbhele. ‘The students engage rhythmically while incorporating sounds such as clapping and that in a sense encompasses the practice of applied theatre. The students studied this in their second year and were able to sort of put this module into practice by addressing social ills.’

Apart from highlighting precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus, the video also attempts to dispel misconceptions about Covid-19. ‘The video aims to create awareness of the pandemic but we also used current dance moves to lighten this very serious issue and to make it relevant for the youth,’ explained Jali.

The students created the performance piece a week before the national lockdown. ‘People have commended us for stepping forward and putting a creative spin on the issue.  The video also encouraged others to start making clips about the issue,’ he said ‘We hope the video creates greater awareness and gets people to start taking the necessary precautions to flatten the curve.’

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