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Ileana Dimitriu

Ileana Dimitriu



Contact Number031-260-2316

CampusHoward College Campus

Office AddressMTB E124


  • Ileana Dimitriu is a professor of English at UKZN, Durban. She is also an NRF-rated researcher and a SATI-accredited translator. Her research, teaching and supervision focus on South African literature, postcolonial and comparative literary studies.
  • Prof. Dimitriu has served as an assessor for rating applications and research projects for the NRF (National Research Foundation), and has also been invited to be a referee for numerous peer-reviewed specialist journals and books. She has served on a number of advisory and specialist panels in her field.


Books, Chapters, Large Editorial Projects

  • 2014. “The Splendour and Misery of Translation: Interview with Antjie Krog.” In: Coullie, Judith and Andries Visagie (eds). Antjie Krog: An Ethics of Body and Otherness. Pietermaritzburg: University of KwaZulu Natal Press: 263-290.
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  • 2002. Guest-editorship of Special Issue – Current Writing 14 (2): Translation, Diversity and Power.
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  • 1993. Un strigat indepartat din Kensington (A Far Cry from Kensington, by Muriel Spark). Bucharest: Univers [169 pages].
  • 1993. Fete sarmane (The Girls of Slender Means, by Muriel Spark). Bucharest: Univers [101 pages].
  • 1989. “Between Usurpation and Tradition”: Critical Introduction to my translation of Peter Abrahams’s novel, A Wreath for Udomo: 1-35. [See below].
  • 1989. O cununa pentru Udomo (A Wreath for Udomo, by Peter Abrahams). Bucharest: Univers Publishing House [421 pages].
  • 1988. N-am hoinarit chiar fara rost (Loitering with Intent, by Muriel Spark). Bucharest: Univers Publishing House [239 pages].

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • 2014. “Crossing and Dwelling: Home as A State of Mind in Aboulela’s Minaret and Gordimer’s The Pickup. In: Scrutiny2 19(1): 119-134.
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Conference Papers/Refereed Proceedings

  • 2014. ISRLC (17th Biennial International Conference for the Society of Religion, Literature and Culture), Leuven Catholic University/ Belgium, 18-20 Sep. Paper: “Re-Imagining the ‘New Man’ in JM Coetzee’s Recent Fiction.”
  • 2014. EACLALS International Conference (European Association of Commonwealth Literary and Language Studies). Innsbruck University/ Austria, 14-18 April. Paper: “Uncommon Riches and Postmodern Quests for Meaning.”
  • 2014. International Conference of British and American Studies. Timisoara University/ Romania, 15-17 May. Paper: “Attachment with Detachment: A Post-Secular Reading of JM Coetzee’s Recent Fiction.”
  • 2013. International Conference of British and American Studies. Timisoara, May. Paper: “The Diasporic Condition in Select South/African Fiction”.
  • 2012. ISRLC (16th Biennial International Conference for the Society of Religion, Literature and Culture), Copenhagen/ Denmark, 19-21 October. Paper: “Spiritual Certainties Lost and Found: Coming-to-Faith Stories in Select Postcolonial Novels from South/ Africa”.
  • 2012. International Conference of RNI (Region, Nation and Identity). Pecs/ Hungary, 20-24 June. Paper: “Transnational Identities and Imagined Geographies in Recent African Fiction”.
  • 2011. International Conference EACLALS (European Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies), Istanbul/ Turkey, 26-30 April 2011. Paper: “Pathway under Construction: A ‘Spiritual’ Turn to the Postcolonial.”
  • 2011. International Conference of British and American Studies, Timisoara/ Romania, 19-21 May. Paper: “Postmodern Holism: The Auratic Power of the Mundane.”
  • 2011. AUETSA Conference (Association of University English Teachers of Southern Africa), Grahamstown, 12-15 July. Paper: “The Writer as ‘Ragpicker’: Spirituality in Unexpected Places.”
  • 2011. International Symposium: Boundaries in Literature and Culture, NWU (Potchefstroom Campus), 21-22 October, Paper: “Between the Secular and the Spiritual in Recent Fiction”.
  • 2010. International Conference ACLALS (Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies), Nikosia/ Cyprus. 6-11 June. Paper: “Silenced by Freedom: Where is Gordimer after Apartheid?”
  • 2010. International Conference BAS (British and American Studies), Timisoara, 20-22 June. Paper: “A Spiritual Turn in Recent South African Writings”.
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  • 2006. International Conference: IATIS (International Association of Translators and Interpreters),
  • Cape Town/ UWC, July. Paper: “Post-Communist Nervous Conditions: Translation in the East European Post-Conundrum”.
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