School of Arts

Lliane Loots

Lliane Loots



Contact Number031-260-1142

CampusHoward College Campus

Office AddressStudio 1 101

Degrees Held

  • BA (HONS),
  • MA.
  • [PhD – in progress]

 Research Interests

  • Dance Studies
  • Contemporary and Traditional African Performance with a particular focus on Gender.
  • Arts/Dance Education and Development in a Southern Context.
  • Gender, Ecology and the Environment


Journal Articles

  • Loots, L. 2013. “ ‘Body Politics’ and negotiating gender violence and child sexuality through FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY’s youth arts interventions programmes in KwaZulu-Natal – a case study (2003 – 2013)”. AGENDA No97/27.3 2013 [p28 – 38]
  • Loots, L. 2011. “Revisiting gender ecology and eco-feminism: a profile of five contemporary women water activists”. AGENDA No 88/25/2 2011. [p6 – 16]
  • Loots, L. 2011. “Framing ‘The Politics of Water’: a response to the free flowing river that genders the debates around water”(Editorial). AGENDA No 88/25/2 2011. [p 1 – 5]
  • Loots, L. 2010. “The body as history and memory: a gendered reflection on the choreographic ‘embodiment’ of creating on the socially constructed text of the South African Body”. SOUTH AFRICAN THEATRE JOURNAL. Volume 24 [p105­- 124]
  • Loots, L. 2009. “Navigating African Identities, Otherness, and the ‘Wild Untamed Body’ in Dane training and pedagogy in South Africa: A Case Study of Flatfoot Dance Compamy’s Dance ‘Development’ Programmes”. In GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES ON DANCE PEDAGOGY: RESEARCH AND PRACTICE. Ed: Randal, T. (2009). Leicester: UK.

Chapters in Books

  • Loots, L. & Coetzee, M-H. (2013) “South Africa”. In: International Women Stage Directors. Fliotsos, A & Vierow, W (eds). University of Illinois Press.
  • Loots, L (2012). “Voicing the Unspoken: Culturally connecting race, gender and nation in women’s choreographic and dance practices in post-apartheid South Africa”. FROM: Freidman, S (ed) (2012). Post-Apartheid Dance: Many Bodies, Many Voices, Many Stories. Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) – Cambridge Scholars Publishing.