School of Arts

Jochen Zeller

Associate Professor


Contact Number031-260-1255

CampusHoward College Campus

Office AddressMTB F239

Research Interests

  • Syntax of natural language;
  • African languages (esp. Bantu);
  • language in South Africa;
  • Language & Cognition


  • Zeller, Jochen and Jean Paul Ngoboka (2014). On parametric variation in Bantu, with particular reference to Kinyarwanda. Transactions of the Philological Society. In print; doi: 10.1111/1467-968X.12048.
  • Zeller, Jochen (2014). Three types of object marking in Bantu. Linguistische Berichte 239, 347-367.
  • Zeller, Jochen (2013a). Locative inversion in Bantu and predication. Linguistics 51(6), 1107-1146.
  • Zeller, Jochen (2013b). In Defence of Head Movement: Evidence from Bantu. In: Lisa Cheng and Norbert Corver (eds). Diagnosing Syntax. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 87-111.