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Abulele Njisane

Abulele Njisane



Contact Number031-260-2965

CampusHoward College Campus

Area of Study

  • I have always been intrigued by the role of media within societies and felt the need to explore its influence on audience knowledge and perceptions. Media theory, audience studies, Genre theory, Semiotic study, film language have all played a major role in informing my understanding of media studies and fuelling my intellectual quest for new ways of thinking. My Doctoral thesis will focus on  the concept of national cinemas in the 21st Century. The study aims to  explore to what degree can South African cinema be defined as National against the global film industry which is hugely dominated by Hollywood’s commercialization of film.

Research Interests

  • My research interests have a strong focus on the role of media in questioning, challenging and constructing audience’ perceptions. My doctoral research explores the relationship between cinema, the state and national identity particularly in South Africa. I explore notions of authenticity in media representation, and the role of government in a film industry within a nation whose identity was entrenched in the injustices of its past. I explore negotiations of cultural imperialism and the commercialization of cinema, a global phenomenon localised by various nations. My honours projects traversed between notions of media in the global world, visual anthropology which focused on exploring the concept of ethnographic documentaries and notions of representation, and lastly I conducted research in public health communication focusing on them role of social media such as Facebook in health promotion. My Masters research was a reception analysis of a public health communication strategy, a South African television drama series called Intersexions. The study explored the effectiveness of the use of entertainment education as a communication strategy.

    As an emerging academic currently employed by the Media and Cultural Studies department in UKZN, the basis of my motivation lies in the notion of trying to contribute my absolute best in producing knowledge that inspires positive change in society. I have a strong passion for research and teaching which enables me to continually discover and learn new ways of thinking.

Why UKZN as an employer?

  • As a leading institution of higher learning in Africa, it is a great opportunity to be part of a community that excels in teaching and learning as well as innovative in research. I consider it an honor to both work and study at UKZN as it has a reputation of academic excellence, therefore growth and success is inevitable.

Student Supervision

  • 2 Honors students supervised.

Community Engagement

  • Part of a Durban International film project in KZN(Community engagement).