School of Arts

Loraine Prinsloo

Loraine Prinsloo



Contact Number031-260-7218

CampusHoward College Campus

Office AddressMTB F250b

Degrees Held

  • B.Ed (UKZN)
  • B.A.Hons (cum laude, UKZN)
  • M.A. (cum laude, UKZN)

Area of Study

  • Language and Education
  • Translation studies
  • Afrikaans language and literature
  • Language and media

Research Interests

Language and Education

  • Second language teaching and learning
  • Motivation theory in language learning
  • Willingness to communicate in a second language
  • Academic literacy


  • Language and identity
  • Dialectology

Translation studies

  • Translation from Afrikaans into English / English to Afrikaans

Afrikaans language and literature

  • Youth literature
  • Afrikaans farm novels
  • Postcolonial literature
  • Afrikaans language learning

Language and media

  • Language in Film
  • Writing for the media and writing about the media

Why UKZN as an employer?

  • UKZN focusses on quality teaching, with a focus on being student centered. Staff are provided with opportunities to further their skills by being able to attend many different courses offered at the Extended learning
  • Staff at UKZN are also encouraged to complete their PhD’s with many disciplines providing support for those busy with his process
  • Stilet (2008) Die representasie van die bruin werker as die ander in Marlene van Niekerk se postkoloniale plaasroman Agaat (2004).
  • Journal of literary studies (2009):  Grondbesit in ‘n postkoloniale plaasroman: Marlene van Niekerk se Agaat.
  • UKZN College of Humanities Postgraduate Conference Proceedings (2012): Using a task-based language teaching approach to teaching Afrikaans as additional language in primary schools.

Community Engagement

  • Co-organiser of the UKZN Kinderboekfees/ Children’s book festival (2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016)  The only of its type in South Africa
  • Afrikaans editor for the Ju |’hoan Tsumkwe Dialect/Prentewoordeboek vir Kinders/Children’s Picture Dictionary (2014).
  • Co-organiser of the UKZN and ATKV teacher workshop 2015 and 2016.